SICK! Funny or Die thinks the Planned Parenthood scandal is hilarious (VIDEO)

funnyordieIn case you haven’t heard, abortion is hilarious. Just ask, the comedy site founded by Will Ferrell.

Funny or Die has released a video mocking the horrific videos by The Center for Medical Progress exposing the selling baby parts by Planned Parenthood. The video, shown below, includes women acting as if they have been mistreated or exploited by Planned Parenthood, only to detail how the group has helped them.

For a site that produces some hilarious stuff, Funny or Die has a blind spot when they try to defend serious left-wing issues, and the resulting attempt at humor falls flat. In this video, Funny or Die tries to rewrite the narrative of the scandal, ignoring the baby parts and the breaking of federal law. Instead, they cast Planned Parenthood as the victim, while making the claim that their “medical services” help people, and are being overlooked. However, Funny or Die lies to viewers in doing so, because Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mammograms or most of the medical services they claim in the video. Most folks who have seen the undercover videos see through this deception, because they know: it’s about the baby parts, stupid. Here’s the Funny or Die video:

Here is the list of individuals responsible for producing the video, taken from the video’s credit list:

Starring – Alice Wetterlund (click here to contact her via Twitter), Amos Vernon, Fran Gillespie, Megan Amram, Nicole Byer and Verónica Osorio
Written by – Allan McLeod, Amos Vernon and Fran Gillespie
Director- Allan McLeod
Director of Photography – Matt Sweeney
Gaffer – Aaron Ulrich
Hair and Make Up Artist – Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Sound Mixer – Christopher Bennett for BoTown Sound
Editor – Marty Cramer
Production Assistant – Ben Parks
Producer – Sean Boyle
Editor – Marty Cramer

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