Slacktivism! University of Maryland students want class time for social justice protests


As if liberal millennials weren’t lazy enough, now they are actually looking for ways to avoid protesting in the streets, hoping for easier, climate-controlled venues. According to, students at the University of Maryland would rather use classroom time to insist “Black Lives Matter” over actually learning something.

At a recent student forum, UMD student Rhys Hall whined about a number of first world problems, including how oh-so-hard it is for students to protest for causes like Black Lives Matter when they have to take classes. He also complained that radical liberal professors should be allowed to spout their nonsense without fear of losing their job for being idiots. Peter Fricke and Anthony Gockowski of Campus Reform report:

“It is difficult to put yourself in this type of activist movement,” Hall complained. “One of the best things we can do for that is to create a program that will give that type of faculty, particularly young ones, a little bit of greater security so that they can advocate on behalf of the things they believe in and the things that they research, and not feel as though they are putting themselves in jeopardy or putting their families in jeopardy.

“For students, these are the type of discussions that need to be happening in the classroom,” he continued, saying, “I’m very fortunate that I’m a sociology major who’s about to graduate, and I have the flexibility in my schedule to allocate my time to being part of this.”

Younger students, though, he fretted, “can’t commit all the time to be on the streets protesting, and if this stuff were being discussed in classrooms; if this were being talked about in anything other than perhaps the African-American Studies and Sociology departments … I would wonder if the need for the amount of energy we’ve expended would be so great.”

“I think it’s very hard to find students that are truly motivated and want to do something,” she (UMD student Christine Hagan) complained. “I know we all have so much homework to get done and studying to do, and there all these more fun, more exciting things we could be doing with our Friday nights but I don’t think there’s ever going to be a convenient time to stand up for social justice.”

There’s even more to this outrageous situation. Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that these students even found some support for their whining from a UMD staff member. To find out the full story, we suggest you read their entire article by clicking here.

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