Star Wars’ John Boyega tells black people: “Stop complaining!”


John Boyega, who rose to fame as Finn the stormtrooper-turned-hero in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, told the truth Saturday night, and the internet got butt-hurt over it.

Boyega won an award at the Screen Nation Awards in Britain Saturday night, which recognize outstanding achievements in entertainment by minorities. During his acceptance speech, Boyega seemed to address the recent “Oscars So White” controversy, but not how many would expect.

“To the blacks…to complain about what is going on is not going to benefit us. It is not,” he said. “Be the change you want to be. Be the change. Continue and focus.”

His statement was met with enthusiastic applause from the audience. After video of his statements hit Twitter, however, the reaction was different. Boyega’s statement that black people should stop complaining was met with, ironically, black people complaining.  Boyega was mercilessly attacked for not being sensitive enough.

Eventually, Boyega had to clarify his statement on Twitter to make all the haters happy. “Really feel bad for not clarifying and quite fearful that I’ve mislead many. Not about respectability tactics. I’m really sorry,” he said.

Once again, our entitled generation attacks the truth, and no one sees the irony that their reaction only proves Boyega to be correct.

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