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Hillary Clinton’s Southern accent returns with a vengeance (VIDEO)

Hey ya’ll! Hillary Clinton’s Southern accent is back! Wee-doggie! After weeks of traveling through northern states and both coasts, Hillary Clinton appeared at a Democratic event in South Carolina, and was free to unleash her inner Arkansas hillbilly accent once again. While speaking with Jaime Harrison, chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Clinton’s pandering speech pattern was in full ... Read More »

Powerline: Donald Trump’s attacks on Scott Walker prove he’s no Republican

In a new column for PowerlineBlog, John Hinderaker takes Donald Trump to task for his recent attacks on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s record, saying they prove the billionaire is neither Republican or conservative. It’s not unusual for presidential candidates from the same party to call each other out, but Hinderaker says Trump’s arguments come straight out of the Democratic Party’s ... Read More »

We finally found Bernie Sanders’ only black supporter

You’ve heard of Bernie Sanders, haven’t you? He is the self-proclaimed socialist and junior senator from Vermont. He’s also running an underdog campaign for the Democratic nomination for President. If you’re a minority and are unfamiliar with Sanders, don’t feel bad, because only white people have ever heard of the guy. Sanders’ lack of minority support for his campaign is ... Read More »

HuffPo Refuses Donald Trump’s Credibility

Donald Trump knows how to make his move. The Huffington Post, a liberal online “blog,” according to Trump, has discontinued running stories about his campaign as a political stories. Instead, the blog has chosen to run them as entertainment pieces. Not many people like the scathing, truthful way of telling it like it is that Trump is so famous for, ... Read More »

Can’t afford Hillary’s speaking fee? Chelsea’s a cheap date!

A new report out today highlights the incredible money-making machine the Clintons created for themselves in recent years. According to a report in the Washington Post this morning by Philip Rucker and Rosalind Helderman, the University of Missouri was hoping to snag Hillary Clinton as a speaker at the grand opening of their Women’s Hall of Fame. However, they found ... Read More »

Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison jumps on the Marco Rubio bandwagon

Rick Harrison, the star of the wildly popular History Channel reality show Pawn Stars, has made his choice for President for 2016: Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Harrison actually voiced his support for Rubio on his pawn shop’s Facebook page in April, and since then, has held fundraisers in Las Vegas on his behalf. Now, Harrison has penned a fundraising email ... Read More »

Watch our totally unauthorized Hillary Clinton campaign ad!

Thanks to a tweet by John Cardillo, I came across a photo of the Clintons from the early 1980’s. After thinking, “My God, how have I lived this long without seeing this,” I thought it would make a great campaign ad for Hillary’s 2016 bid. After all, she’s all about family or something, so why not highlight that? Now, we ... Read More »

Rick Perry calls felony indictment a “farce”

A From staff and wire reports AUSTIN — Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Saturday that the indictment against him was an “outrageous” abuse of power and vowed to fight it. “This indictment amounts to nothing more than abuse of power and I cannot and will not allow that to […] Click here to view original web page at www.star-telegram.com Read More »

Even Liberals Think Rick Perry’s Indictment Looks ‘Sketchy’

Politics Share Even liberals find Rick Perry’s indictment for allegedly abusing his power hard to swallow. Since a grand jury indicted Perry Friday, conservatives have largely dismissed the charges as being part of a political witch-hunt against the Republican Texas governor, who is considering a 2016 presidential run. But […] Click here to view original web page at dailycaller.com Read More »