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Chelsea Clinton: I was an abortion cheerleader at age 6

At the age of six, Chelsea Clinton considered herself such an expert on abortion that she claims to have left her church at the time over the matter. Seriously. At an age when most of us were still believing in Santa Claus, the daughter of the morally-challenged Bill and Hillary Clinton was suffering a crisis of conscience, because the church ... Read More »

Did Doritos air a pro-life Super Bowl ad? See for yourself!

During tonight’s airing of the Super Bowl, Doritos aired several ads as part of their “Crash the Super Bowl” promotion, including a commercial showing an unborn baby visible through ultrasound who has a hankering for the popular chips. The baby, seen interacting with its father via the ultrasound screen, then “shoots” out of its mother to get a Doritos chip. ... Read More »

Irony: Mom uses her young daughter to promote Planned Parenthood (VIDEO)

Children mean many things to their parents, but for one liberal mother, her child is a prop to make herself famous while standing for liberal causes like Planned Parenthood. StaceyAnn Chin (her Facebook page can be found here) is a self-professed “Jamaican-Born, Brooklyn-Living, Woman-Loving, Writer/Poet, Political Activist, Performance Artist, and Single Mama” who has turned herself into a minor celebrity ... Read More »

This conservative icon showed up at the Dallas Planned Parenthood protest

Last Saturday (August 22), thousands of pro-life advocates held protests outside Planned Parenthood locations nationwide, motivated by a series of undercover videos that showed the graphic harvesting of baby parts and the selling of those parts by Planned Parenthood clinics and staff. That included the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in south Dallas, where Pastor Stephen Broden has been holding weekly ... Read More »

Dallas pastor’s Planned Parenthood protests had this surprising result

In 2014, Planned Parenthood opened a major abortion clinic in south Dallas, in the heart of the city’s black community. Pro-life activists and pastors were outraged, none more so than Stephen Broden, pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship. Soon after it opened, Broden began organizing protests outside the abortion facility. Every Saturday (the only day Planned Parenthood would perform abortions ... Read More »

While everyone focuses on Cecil the Lion, this horrible thing took place

It’s a chilling fact: since July 1, when Cecil the Lion was shot and killed by a hunter, Planned Parenthood has been on a horrific killing spree. The numbers come from Planned Parenthood’s own statistics, reported by the American Life League. Planned Parenthood performs an average of 327,653 abortions each year (based on 2013 stats). That’s an average of 898 ... Read More »

Does your local United Way donate to Planned Parenthood? Find out here!

2nd Vote, a conservative political activist group, has exposed 68 local chapters of the United Way that donate money to Planned Parenthood. The list, posted below, reveals locations across the country that contributed over $2.8 million in recent years to the nation’s largest abortion provider. Pro-life supporters are calling for citizens in each locale to contact the United Way chapter ... Read More »