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University holds retreat to help students deal with their ‘white privilege’

The University of Vermont is ensuring that tomorrow’s generation of leaders are burdened with as much white guilt as possible. Well, at least the future leaders who “self-identify” as white. Peter Hasson of CampusReform.org reports that UV recently offered a three-day retreat for students who “self-identify as white” to “confront their white privilege.” Yes, those are actual phrases used by ... Read More »

‘Black Lives Matter’ activists vandalize pro-police truck

Some “Black Lives Matter” activists hate cops so much, they are even attacking white pickup trucks that support aw enforcement. According to Fox 7 in Austin, 18-year-old Jason Lattin of Austin, Texas has always wanted to be a police officer. To show his support for law enforcement, he put the words “Police Lives Matter” on the back window of his ... Read More »

Black teacher attacks handicapped student over his ‘white privilege’

Don’t you hate uppity white kids in their wheelchairs, rolling around and throwing their ‘white privilege’ in black people’s faces? Apparently, Pamela Bullock does. Now, she’s out of a job because of it. According to a report by Cincinnati.com, Bullock resigned her teaching position at Wayne Local Schools in Warren County, Ohio, after her treatment of some handicapped students was ... Read More »