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Et tu Ann? Coulter says Ted Cruz is a traitor

“Conservative” pundit Ann Coulter has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump for some time, even appearing to speak at some of the billionaire’s rallies. In her latest defense of Trump, however, she blasted Ted Cruz as an “American traitor,” which is a far cry from what she said about the Texas senator before Trump’s rise as a candidate. Coulter ... Read More »

Dang, Girl! Ann Coulter mocks Rubio’s dead father

There are many in the conservative movement who feel Ann Coulter has worn out her welcome, after she has made some distinctly anti-conservative statements for mere publicity. Her latest stunt, however, sets a new low even for her. Over the weekend, Coulter was doing some grandstanding on Twitter over Donald Trump’s recent South Carolina primary win. Coulter has long voiced ... Read More »

Conservatives erupt after Trump, McCain, and Coulter go birther on Ted Cruz

The battle for the soul of Republican conservatism elevated in recent days as Ted Cruz came under attack from members of his own party over the issue of his Canadian birth, saying it disqualifies him to serve as President. As a result, a number of conservative leaders and commentators have sparked a backlash towards the “conservative” attackers, citing their instigation ... Read More »

Ann Coulter ‘F—ing Jews’ tweet causes outrage

With a handful of tweets Wednesday night, Ann Coulter may have single-handedly kicked herself out of the conservative movement. The author and commentator raised the ire of many, and is being accused of anti-Semitism, after criticizing several Republican candidates during the Presidential debate for their support of Israel. Coulter took to Twitter Wednesday night (September 16) as the top 11 ... Read More »

Coulter Dazzles The Liberal Ladies of The View

Ann Coulter appeared on ABC’s The View and used the radically leftist daytime show as a pulpit from which to comment on the current state of the Republican Party. Discussing her most recent book, Never Trust a Liberal Over Three – Especially a Republican, the author held her own in typical Coulter fashion, responding handily to questions posed by the liberal ladies...

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