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‘Black Lives Matter’ activists vandalize pro-police truck

Some “Black Lives Matter” activists hate cops so much, they are even attacking white pickup trucks that support aw enforcement. According to Fox 7 in Austin, 18-year-old Jason Lattin of Austin, Texas has always wanted to be a police officer. To show his support for law enforcement, he put the words “Police Lives Matter” on the back window of his ... Read More »

Sacrilege! Liberals push barbecue restaurant ban in this Texas city

As a resident of the Lone Star State, when we say “Don’t Mess With Texas,” we mean it. And that includes the barbecue, son. Austin, Texas has long been the state’s only haven for liberals, hippies, and assorted left-wing nutjobs. Californians moving to Texas know there’s only one place they can live and not have their liberal stupidity laughed at. ... Read More »