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No, Google Maps isn’t racist against Obama

Hey kids, look! Racism! That about sums up the latest example of “faux outrage” from the media, when news broke that searching Google Maps using racist phrases like “ni**er house” and “ni**er king” would bring up the White House. Yes, that’s messed up, but the response here is much ado about nothing. Do we seriously have to explain that this ... Read More »

Group Purchases 7 Baltimore Billboards To Draft Dr. Ben Carson To Run In 2016

A group trying to draft Ben Carson to run for president in 2016 has bought seven billboards in the Baltimore region aimed partly at voters but also at the Hopkins neurosurgeon himself.

"We wanted Dr. Carson to be able to see the billboards on the way into work," said Vernon Robinson, treasurer of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee...

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