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Obama: ‘Nowhere To Go But Up’ After Obamacare Disaster

In a candid interview the President has insisted that his Affordable Care Act would survive and be remembered as a positive step for the country.

Obama confidently told Barbara Walters on ABC news on Friday that his Healthcare Act will be remembered positively, despite his poor approval rating.

'I've gone up and down pretty much consistently throughout,' Obama said. 'But the good thing about when you're down is that usually you got nowhere to go but up.'...

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According To FLOTUS, Obama ‘Keeps His Promises’

The President responded, “I did promise her an interesting life.”

This led the First Lady to say, “That he did. And, you know, he keeps his promises.”


Without a doubt, there are millions of Americans that have lost their insurance as a result of ObamaCare who don’t agree.

But fortunately for Barack and Michelle, Walters didn’t point out this obvious hypocrisy.

Must be nice for a President and his wife to know that they can say whatever they want in an interview with a member of the press and not be challenged – especially when what one of them says is totally ridiculous...

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