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Garbage Pail Kids take on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

If you grew up in the 1980s, you likely remember Garbage Pail Kids stickers. The parody product from the Topps Company were popular for their gross-out characters, and continue to be popular to this day, with new stickers being issued every year. It shouldn’t be surprising that Garbage Pail Kids are now doing politically-themed stickers, especially since featuring detestable individuals ... Read More »

The Washington Post’s Top 10 GOP candidates has a new #1

Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post has been ranking the top ten Republican Presidential candidates on an occasional basis, and his latest ranking has a surprising #1: Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Despite the rise of outsiders like Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, as well as the dominance of front-runner Donald Trump, Cillizza sees Rubio as the top contender, for several ... Read More »

GOP Debate: Donald Trump had twice the talk time as Rand Paul

Domenico Montanaro of National Public Radio has revealed via Twitter which Presidential candidates had the most face-time at last night’s GOP Presidential debate. Donald Trump, not surprisingly, ran away with the top spot, with ten and a half minutes of screen time. Rand Paul didn’t even get half of that time, clocking in with under five minutes of screen time. ... Read More »

Winners and Losers: The First GOP Presidential Debate

With the first primetime GOP Presidential debate now in the books, here’s a quick analysis of how each candidate did. This applies to the primetime debate only, with the top ten candidates. We want your feedback as well, so feel free to comment below. WINNERS (in alphabetical order) Jeb Bush: Bush had a lot to lose if he stumbled, but ... Read More »

About Rachel Dolezal: Is ‘liberal’ the new black?

We’re on a Rachel Dolezal roll today, along with the rest of the internet. We have to ask the question, however. Many on the left called Bill Clinton “the first black President.” The NAACP and many liberals are backing Rachel Dolezal, coining the term “TRANSRACIAL” in the process.  But since the left doesn’t think Ben, Mia, Clarence, and Condoleezza are ... Read More »

Liberal NPR’s Odd CPAC Commentary: GOP is ‘Still Awkwardly White’

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) wrapped up on Saturday and NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday felt the need to slam conservatives and its CPAC attendees as “overwhelmingly white.”

It gets worse. Brakkton Booker, a producer for NPR's Washington Desk, posted an online version of the story with the obnoxious headline “Black GOP Stars Rise In A Party That’s Still Awkwardly White." Booker offered a lengthy recap of the party’s "abysmal" standing with minorities.

After detailing the different minority speakers at CPAC, including Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), Brakkton railed against how jokes made by CPAC speakers...


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Dr. Ben Carson: Beyond affirmative action

As a child growing up in Detroit and Boston, I had many opportunities to experience the ugly face of racism and witnessed the devastating toll exacted by its mean-spirited nature.

I was a victim of the racism of low expectations for black children, but in retrospect, I can see that many of those attitudes were based on ignorance. Large numbers of white people actually believed that blacks were intellectually inferior, and there was a host of other inaccurate beliefs that whites held about blacks and that blacks held about whites.

Many of those misperceptions probably would have persisted if measures had not been taken to abolish the separation of the races. One of those measures was affirmative action, which was based on the admirable concept that we should take into consideration inherent difficulties faced by minorities growing up in a racist society...

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Dr. Ben Carson: Thinking for Ourselves…The Rewards of Independence and Common Sense Are Many

Earlier this year, one of the mainstream media networks was planning to do a special on my retirement from neurosurgery. They recorded a lecture I gave at my medical school, as well as one given at a high school in Detroit. They also accompanied me to my old stomping grounds, where many of the neighbors came out to greet me and talk about old times...

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Group Purchases 7 Baltimore Billboards To Draft Dr. Ben Carson To Run In 2016

A group trying to draft Ben Carson to run for president in 2016 has bought seven billboards in the Baltimore region aimed partly at voters but also at the Hopkins neurosurgeon himself.

"We wanted Dr. Carson to be able to see the billboards on the way into work," said Vernon Robinson, treasurer of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee...

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