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Could Donald Trump be an anchor baby?

During last week’s Fox Business Republican Debate, many missed what I felt was the “slam of the night,” in which Ted Cruz threw Donald Trump’s “birther” theories right back in his face, exposing a blatant hypocrisy. It also exposed the possibility that Trump, believe it or not, could be an anchor baby! In response to Trump bringing up the possibility ... Read More »

Conservatives erupt after Trump, McCain, and Coulter go birther on Ted Cruz

The battle for the soul of Republican conservatism elevated in recent days as Ted Cruz came under attack from members of his own party over the issue of his Canadian birth, saying it disqualifies him to serve as President. As a result, a number of conservative leaders and commentators have sparked a backlash towards the “conservative” attackers, citing their instigation ... Read More »

Jay Carney: ‘Birther Bill’ Only Thing Missing From GOP Debt Ceiling Plan

White House press secretary Jay Carney dismissed a Republican plan to link an increase in the debt ceiling to a GOP policy wish list. “The only thing I didn’t see was a birther bill attached to it,” Carney sarcastically told reporters Thursday. Republican lawmakers are uniting behind a proposal that would increase the nation’s borrowing capacity — but only if Democrats first agreed to delay Obamacare’s individual mandate for a year and approve the Keystone XL pipeline, among other measures...

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