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Nike, HTC sign on as ‘Black Jesus’ advertisers

As we recently reported, the show “Black Jesus” has shown up again in reruns on Cartoon Network’s late-night “Adult Swim” programming, reviving debate into the show’s offensive content. That hasn’t stopped companies including Nike, HTC, Kraft, and Experian from advertising on the show, however. “Black Jesus” was created by Aaron McGruder (“The Boondocks”) and Mike Clattenburg, and tells the story ... Read More »

Blasphemous show ‘Black Jesus’ is back: Here are the advertisers

Adult Swim has brought back their controversial comedy “Black Jesus” in reruns, in preparation for the show’s new season coming this fall. With it, a slew of new advertisers have signed on, unconcerned that they are supporting a show that features a Jesus living in the ‘hood (a.k.a. Compton, California) that drops F-bombs, smokes weed, and steals. The show also ... Read More »