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Why does Donald Trump keep lying about not taking donations? (VIDEO)

After Saturday night’s CBS Republican Presidential Debate in South Carolina, Donald Trump appeared on Fox News to discuss his performance. During his interview, he repeated a popular refrain from his stump speeches, namely that he takes no donations and self-funds his campaign. Here’s the video of the claim: It would be a noble stand to take, if it were true. ... Read More »

Donald Trump flip-flops, asks for campaign donations

Part of Donald Trump’s appeal to GOP voters was his insistence that he was so rich that he could not be bought by special interests and didn’t need outside money. It seems that is no longer the case. Trump claimed he had plenty of money to fund his campaign, and criticized Republican candidates who sought out donors. “I wish good ... Read More »

Do Planned Parenthood’s baby parts fund the Hillary Clinton campaign?

With news that Planned Parenthood has been running a successful side business selling parts of aborted babies to medical research companies, it should be no surprise that the organization’s leaders are, in turn, giving large sums of money to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. According to a FreeBeacon.com report by Bill McMorris, the amount of money Hillary Clinton has received from ... Read More »