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Slacktivism! University of Maryland students want class time for social justice protests

As if liberal millennials weren’t lazy enough, now they are actually looking for ways to avoid protesting in the streets, hoping for easier, climate-controlled venues. According to CampusReform.org, students at the University of Maryland would rather use classroom time to insist “Black Lives Matter” over actually learning something. At a recent student forum, UMD student Rhys Hall whined about a ... Read More »

Cornell University art show depicts Republicans as terrorists, rapists

We’ve seen a plethora of stories lately of college students being offended over something, including the Constitution, police officers, and white people in general. Cornell University has proven, however, that being offended only counts if you’re a liberal. Caleb Bonham of Hypeline.org broke an exclusive story detailing an art show at Cornell, which used offensive imagery to make political statements. ... Read More »