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Why does Donald Trump keep lying about not taking donations? (VIDEO)

After Saturday night’s CBS Republican Presidential Debate in South Carolina, Donald Trump appeared on Fox News to discuss his performance. During his interview, he repeated a popular refrain from his stump speeches, namely that he takes no donations and self-funds his campaign. Here’s the video of the claim: It would be a noble stand to take, if it were true. ... Read More »

Donald Trump retweets Megyn Kelly “bimbo” comment

Donald Trump unleashed hell on Twitter after his performance in the first Republican Presidential Debate. The main target of his wrath of debate moderator Megyn Kelly of Fox News, who repeatedly challenged the businessman over his past controversial comments and political stances. His most controversial slam, however, came when he passively-aggressively retweeted someone’s comment that Megyn Kelly was a “bimbo.” ... Read More »

Evaluating evidence in the debate over unemployment benefits

There has been a bit of a brouhaha in the policy world these past months over extending emergency federal unemployment benefits. I believe, and have written, that the federal government should extend the duration an unemployed worker is eligible for unemployment benefits beyond the 26 weeks that are (typically) available in a healthy economy, but that the government should also do more for the unemployed than simply cut them checks...

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