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Imagine For A Moment If President Obama Ran Disneyworld

First, if tourists planning a trip to our theme park try to get information about the park or make reservations online, they will fail. Unfortunately, our government-run theme park has very little information on its website, you need to create an account and provide personal financial information before you can find out more about visiting the park, and the website will freeze when you try to actually purchase tickets for your planned visit. There is a phone number you can call and after an average three hour wait, tickets can be purchased over the phone.If our tourists still show up for a theme park vacation, the first surprise will be the admission price to the park. Instead of the usual tickets with set prices for adults, children, and senior citizens, the government-run theme park has prices that vary by family income. If the family makes less than $40,000 per year, the tickets are free...

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