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The White House & Alphabet Soup Politics

X, Y, Z… its apparently all the same to the White House and the Council of Economic Advisers. Last week, they tried to reach out to Millennial voters with an email making references that would appeal to Gen Xers and an infographic that would be insulting to most 6th graders in Generation Z. We all know, if Democrats could persuade ... Read More »

Did Someone Say Beheadings?

BY KATRINA JORGENSEN On October 3rd, the Islamic State published another graphic beating for the world to see. Alan Henning, a British humanitarian aid provider was murdered. The decapitation video was meant as a message to President Barack Obama, who they blamed for the deaths. In the same video, the executioner threatened the life of captured American aid worker and ... Read More »

Obama Works Overtime to Interfere With Business

The Roman Empire notoriously distracted its citizenry by providing bread and circuses to mollify and distract them from the real problems of their lives and the failures of their government. Washington DC kept up that hoary tradition this week, starting with an all-night Senate session on global warming, conducted by Senate Democrats protesting the lack of action by the US government on the issue...

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As Global Debt Soars, Where’s The Big Recovery?

Around the world, a surge in debt has fueled higher government spending. But that hasn't brought a lasting, sustained rebound in the economy. Adding $30 trillion in debt with no growth to show for it only demonstrates the bankruptcy of Keynesian tax-and-spend policies...

Fiscal Folly: A new study says governments around the world boosted their debts by more than 40% to over $100 trillion in response to the global financial crisis. Where's the promised recovery from all that spending?

From mid-2007 to last summer, the world added $30 trillion in government debt to its balance sheets, the Bank for International Settlements says. By comparison, that's twice the size of the $15 trillion U.S. economy.

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Debunking ‘Texas Miracle’ Debunkers On The Left

Economy: When not making excuses for President Obama's dismal economic record, liberals try to explain away Texas' stellar growth. But what choice do they have? The Lone Star State proves limited government works.

After Gov. Rick Perry entered the presidential primaries in 2011, the left made a determined effort to dismiss the fact that his state had outperformed the rest of the country...

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