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Government officials step in after Kim Kardashian did this

We had hoped to keep this site a Kardashian-free zone, and God help us, we’ve tried. However, when Kim Kardashian does something so shallow and stupid that government officials have to step in, we can’t ignore it. Kardashian incurred the wrath of officials at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when she posted the picture above on her Instagram account, ... Read More »

Government Overreach Threatens Lives

Throughout its long history, the Federal Food and Drug Administration has insisted that its mission is “protecting and promoting your health.” Take that your seriously. In area after area, the record suggests that the paternalist FDA fails you in its announced purpose. Far from protecting “your health,” the FDA prevents you from making the informed decisions to preserve and promote your own health. All too often, the FDA lacks both the judgment and technical expertise to decide which treatments ordinary people may choose to undergo and which they must turn aside...

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