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Bernie Sanders blasts George Clooney/Hillary Clinton fundraiser as ‘obscene’

Bernie Sanders is calling out Hollywood’s liberal elite over their undue influence on American politics. Specifically, he’s calling out Hollywood liberals who aren’t supporting him. Sanders recently blasted George Clooney, aka the worst Batman in movie history, for charging Clinton supporters big bucks for admission to fundraisers he is holding for the potential Deleter-In-Chief. Yahoo News reports: “It is obscene ... Read More »

Democrats, media try to tie Marco Rubio to Adolf Hitler

How can you tell Marco Rubio is on the political rise? Democrats and the media are both desperately trying to discredit him. The latest attack, however, is so incredibly over-the-top, it is amazing that anyone is taking it seriously. According to a report by The Dallas Morning News, Rubio was in Dallas Tuesday for a fundraiser at the home of ... Read More »

Jon Bon Jovi joins the Dark Side, plans Hillary fundraiser

Jon Bon Jovi may be known for being a blue-collar, working-class rocker, but when it comes to picking a President, he’s backing the richest old lady in the race. Bon Jovi has announced that he will be holding a fundraiser for Hillary somewhere in the state of New Jersey later this month. Officials for the Clinton campaign will not disclose ... Read More »

Obama donor gained nearly $1 billion in tax credits from Solyndra bankruptcy

Most people who follow the news are aware that President Obama invested $527 million in Solyndra, the now-bankrupt California-based solar panel manufacturing company.

What is much less well-known is that the federal government was legally required to cut its losses of tax dollars just months into the project, and that only an illegal loan modification made to benefit an Obama fundraiser led to taxpayers losing more than $500 million...

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