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Obama can remove ‘husband and wife’ from federal law with proposed gay-friendly bill

Congresswoman Lois Capps (a California Democrat, of course) has introduced a bill that could allow President Barack Obama to strip gender-specific language from federal law, including the use of “husband and wife,” in favor of more gay-friendly, gender-neutral language. The “Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act” was written in response to the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. ... Read More »

Seriously? Ben & Jerry’s offers gay marriage ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s has a reputation for supporting liberal causes, and the legalization of gay marriage has long been one of their key goals. To promote the cause, they used the only weapon at their disposal: ice cream. Back in 2009, they even released a special ice cream flavor to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage in Vermont. They took ... Read More »

Sorry kids: Gay black dads want to be famous movie stars too

Kordale Lewis and Kaleb Anthony just want to be your average, normal gay black fathers raising three kids. But they also want to be rich and famous movie stars, too. Kordale and Kaleb became minor celebrities in 2014 when they posted a picture to their Instagram account of the two preparing their girls for school. While they insisted they are ... Read More »

Honey Maid: Gay marriage is ‘wholesome’

Even before the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in all 50 states on June 26, Honey Maid, makers of various graham cracker products, has been a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage. The company, who markets their products largely to families and children, has even featured gay couples and gay marriage as part of their “This Is Wholesome” marketing campaign. ... Read More »

OH MY! George Takei goes racist on Clarence Thomas

George Takei, better known as Star Trek’s Sulu, has long been a gay rights advocate, but in his attempt to criticize the Supreme Court justices who ruled against it, he went flat out nuts, making racial comments about Justice Clarence Thomas. In an interview with Fox 10 in Phoenix, Takei questioned Thomas’ blackness. “He is a clown in black face ... Read More »

Watch Obama and Hillary’s gay marriage hypocrisy (VIDEO)

While Democrats do their victory lap over the recent Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide, it’s time to remind everyone where these folks were just a few years ago. Thanks to YouTube, we have the proof on video. Oh sure, President Obama has said he has “evolved” on the gay marriage issue, but he’s really just doing what’s politically ... Read More »

Fr. Jonathan Morris spat upon at NY gay pride parade

Someone just loogied themselves into hell. Fr. Jonathan Morris, an ordained Catholic priest and a Fox News analyst on religious and social issues, tweeted Sunday that he was spat upon by two men who were participating in a gay pride parade in New York City. The parade was to celebrate the national legalization of gay marriage by the U.S. Supreme ... Read More »

Even the U.S. Department of Education goes gay…for about a day

A lot of people jumped on the gay marriage bandwagon Friday, including a surprising addition: The U.S. Department of Education. Then again, perhaps it isn’t surprising at all. Friday morning, within hours of the announcement of the Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage nationwide, The U.S. Department of Education posted a new profile picture to their official Facebook page, ... Read More »