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No, Glenn Beck doesn’t think Donald Trump is stab-worthy

The internet lit up today when news spread that conservative icon Glenn Beck had reportedly threatened to stab Donald Trump. Supporters of the bombastic billionaire insisted that was what happened Friday morning during Beck’s radio show, broadcasting live from the CPAC convention in Washington. It didn’t help that websites like The Daily Caller reported that Beck made the threat towards ... Read More »

This conservative icon showed up at the Dallas Planned Parenthood protest

Last Saturday (August 22), thousands of pro-life advocates held protests outside Planned Parenthood locations nationwide, motivated by a series of undercover videos that showed the graphic harvesting of baby parts and the selling of those parts by Planned Parenthood clinics and staff. That included the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in south Dallas, where Pastor Stephen Broden has been holding weekly ... Read More »

Glenn Beck has had it with Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s egomaniacal schtick has worn thin with conservative talk show host and activist Glenn Beck. And he’s not the only one. “Donald Trump is the opposite of every great leader with humility I have ever seen,” Beck said on his radio show this week. “Donald Trump is the most arrogant man I have ever seen. He is the biggest ... Read More »