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DHS Now Actively Raiding Panties

Seriously? DHS now conducting PANTY RAIDS?!

This is how insane our country has become. “Common Sense” has become as rare as Michael Moore at an N.R.A. rally, or maybe Bill Clinton at “Promise Keepers”. Does DHS not have better things to do with their time like, say, protecting our sieve of a border? Or maybe protecting us from the nothing-short-of-a-biological-weapon of Ebola? Or, here’s food for ... Read More »

I’m offended VICARIOUSLY!!!

I’m offended VICARIOUSLY!!!

happy whatev Are the Native Americans offended at the name Redskins? Liberals say, “No matter, let’s get offended FOR them!” Seriously, do we not have more important issues in our country like our diaphanous borders, or the 46 million “Americans”(I use the term loosely) on food stamps, than to […] Click here to view original web page at unhyphenatedamerica.org Read More »

Voting With our “Loins”

Voting With our “Loins”

Personally I don’t think same-sex marriage is any of the federal government’s d*mn business! Let the states decide, allow insurance companies to sell in ALL states and then let the free market DO ITS THING! Gee, if the free-market “does its thing” I wonder what the RATES might be for those who live in a “same-sex” state. Just sayin’. Click ... Read More »

Those Racist Republicans!

Those Racist Republicans!

Satan is the Father of Lies, so nowadays, for pretty much everything you hear; the very OPPOSITE is true. Let’s see what Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been saying about Republicans, shall we? “The Republicans have not only played politics with this for too long, but I think deeply embedded […] Click here to view original web page at unhyphenatedamerica.org Read More »

Surprise! Germans were spying on John Kerry, Hillary Clinton

Share on Facebook Well, this is certainly going to be awkward all the way around, though completely predictable. German secret agents intercepted one of Hillary Clinton’s phone calls while she was US secretary of state and also listened in to a call by John Kerry, her successor, it emerged […] Click here to view original web page at hotair.com Read More »

Rick Perry calls felony indictment a “farce”

A From staff and wire reports AUSTIN — Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Saturday that the indictment against him was an “outrageous” abuse of power and vowed to fight it. “This indictment amounts to nothing more than abuse of power and I cannot and will not allow that to […] Click here to view original web page at www.star-telegram.com Read More »

Cops Shoot Pastor in Ferguson, MO

Cops Shoot Pastor in Ferguson

This is a photo we received of a local pastor who was shot by security forces in Ferguson last night. | #OpFerguson pic.twitter.com/Mr9tzJ2eG9 — Operation Ferguson (@OpFerguson) August 14, 2014 This woman who was helping to calm the crowd last night got shot by a rubber bullet later on. […] Click here to view original web page at www.infowars.com Read More »

China Appears Ready to Dump its U.S. Treasury Bonds

Although investors hang on every comment by Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen to get insight on the direction of interest rates and what it means for the economy and asset prices, the real power to determine U.S. interest rates may be in the hands of China, according to Lombard […] Click here to view original web page at www.americanthinker.com Read More »

Leaks to WSJ highlight deteriorating US-Israel relationship

Share on Facebook What are we to conclude from this lengthy analysis from the Wall Street Journal  about the fight over Israeli munition purchases from the US and cooperation on policy? On the surface, Adam Entous’ report focuses on the supposed outrage over Israel bypassing the White House to buy […] Click here to view original web page at hotair.com Read More »