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Dallas Police: No problems with open carry so far


The state of Texas finally legalized open carry of handguns on January 1, and contrary to predictions from the liberal left that Texas would be set ablaze in gunfire, things have been relatively quiet. In fact, police in the city of Dallas had yet to encounter any problems with the practice in the first week of 2016. According to a ... Read More »

Pennsylvania Ousts Mayor For Joining Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group


CHAMBERSBURG - Know your constituency. It's the first rule of local politics.

The second: What happens in New York City usually can only happen in New York City, and is best kept there.
Policies that fit “The Big Apple” don't fit a town that is, say, known statewide for its Apple Festival. Just ask Democrat Pete Lagiovane, the mayor of this Franklin County town who won't return to office in January. He lost his bid for re-election — to a seat he won unopposed the last time — in part because he signed up Chambersburg as one of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun cities.

His Republican opponent, Darren Brown, said he knows one thing he'll do immediately after being sworn in as mayor: “The very, very first thing I'd like to do is get Chambersburg off the ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns' list.”...

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What History Teaches About Gun Confiscations


Leading the media charge is none other Michael Moore in which he implores the nation to let the murders of 20 Sandy Hook elementary students not “be in vain and stand for gun control.” Moore seems to forget that he and his family have several armed bodyguards.
Then there is Obama who refuses to mandate that gun free zones at schools be replaced with armed guards designed in order to protect our children. And Obama also seems to forget to mention that he has 11 armed guards protecting his children while they attend school in a “gun free zone.”
Oh, I think Obama and Moore think that our children are important. It is just that their children are much more important than our children. Simply put, Obama and Moore advocate for “rules for thee but not for me.”...

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Priorities: Dem Sen. Dick Durbin’s Senate Gun Trial to Feature Ghost of Trayvon Martin


After a government semi-shutdown, the disastrous rollout of HealthCare.gov and the looming budget crisis coming again in January, you’d think the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate would reserve his limited time and resources to focus on fixing these critical issues the federal government has already messed up.

You’d be wrong.

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North Colorado?


AMERICANS HAVE BEEN living in a union of 50 states for over half a century now, ever since Hawaii and Alaska were added to the flag. But that hasn’t stopped some from trying to change that number by breaking away from existing states, and forming new ones, when they feel excluded from the political process.

The latest effort comes out of Colorado, where rural counties are furious at how urban Democratic counties lord over them on everything from water rights, to mineral and energy issues, to gun control. In August, local officials in Weld (pop. 259,000), Phillips (pop. 4,400), and Logan (pop. 22,700) counties voted to place on November’s ballot a measure asking voters if they would like to secede from Colorado and create a 51st state. Three other counties have already added the ballot question. Still others could join them...

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Family of Sandy Hook victim opposed to gun control: ‘We feel like all 16 families got lumped together’


Relatives of a Sandy Hook shooting victim have spoken out for the first time about opposing gun control saying they feel lumped together with other families from the tragedy in favor of new laws.

Though Rachel D'Avino, a teacher at the Newtown elementary school, was shot to death by a crazed gunman, her family still owns firearms - including an assault-style rifle - and is against any measures to control their purchase, according to her sister Hannah.

For the first time the D'Avinos said they wanted to outline their point of view - feeling that in the past they were simply presumed to have the same stance as other families in the massacre...

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