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Kim Kardashian: Guns for me, but not for thee

Hyprocrisy, thy name is Kim Kardashian. The scourge on American culture that is the eldest of the Kardashian brood has weighed in on the gun control issue, with a statement so beyond stupid I almost feel bad calling her out on it. Almost. According to a report in the UK Mirror, Kardashian appeared at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on ... Read More »

Another good guy with a gun kills another bad guy with a gun

A would-be thief thought it would be a great idea to rob customers as they left a Benihana’s restaurant in Dallas. Instead of cash and credit cards, the thief got a bullet and a one-way ticket to the morgue. Welcome to Texas, y’all. According to a report by ABC affiliate WFAA in Dallas, the robber staked out a Benihana’s parking ... Read More »

Massive Pro Gun Bill Passes Georgia House of Representatives

HB 875, a pro-gun bill that greatly expands and clarified carry rights in Georgia has passed the Georgia State House of Representatives today. The bill passed the House 119-56.

In its current form, the bill (HB 875, also called the “Safe Carry Protection Act”) would allow carry permit holders to carry into places of worship, bars, some government buildings, and removes the requirement to pay for fingerprints again when renewing a permit...

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