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College police arm themselves with guns, and a student JUST CAN’T EVEN

A student at Northeastern University in Boston is horrified that her campus police department is arming themselves with semi-automatic rifles for extreme crisis situations. She is so horrified, in fact, that she had to vent in that august publication for the most discerning intellectuals, Teen Vogue. That’s right, grown-ups. TEEN VOGUE. CampusReform.org reported on the latest example of sheltered young ... Read More »

Robbers target Washington State Fair’s ‘gun free zone’

Once again, criminals flock to a gun-free zone and wreak havoc on unarmed victims. You’ve likely heard this story before, but only the location has changed. KOMONews.com in Seattle reported that after the Washington State Fair declared itself a “gun free zone,” criminals wasted no time preying on fair workers. The fair had only been open three days when a ... Read More »

Pompous celebs are #WearingOrange to push a gun ban

It’s National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and supporters are marking it by wearing orange and posting selfies on Twitter with the hashtag #WearingOrange. What, you didn’t know? Didn’t get the memo? How could you miss all of those National Gun Violence Awareness Day sales being advertised on television? You’ll have to forgive me if I seem a bit insensitive to ... Read More »