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College police arm themselves with guns, and a student JUST CAN’T EVEN


A student at Northeastern University in Boston is horrified that her campus police department is arming themselves with semi-automatic rifles for extreme crisis situations. She is so horrified, in fact, that she had to vent in that august publication for the most discerning intellectuals, Teen Vogue. That’s right, grown-ups. TEEN VOGUE. CampusReform.org reported on the latest example of sheltered young ... Read More »

Dem Sen. Tim Kaine: Let military, not lawmakers, decide whether guns are allowed on bases


Last week’s deadly shooting at Fort Hood has spurred renewed calls to allow military personnel to carry weapons on bases, but Sen. Tim Kaine argues politicians ought to stay out of the issue.

“I trust the military leadership on this. I don’t live on a military base, and I don’t serve in the military,” the Virginia Democrat said on “Fox News Sunday.” “For those of us in Congress to say ‘here’s what they should do,’ I worry that it would be a little political rather than really about safety or security.”...

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NY Man Charged With Manslaughter After Killing Armed Intruder [video]


A man living in Huntington Station, New York, appeared in court Monday to face manslaughter charges stemming from an attempted burglary back in August in which he opened fire on an armed intruder breaking into his home.

Authorities say that five men worked together in an effort to break into Youssef Abdel-Gawad’s home, which he shares with his brother and parents. Four of the men hid outside behind a metal shed while one man, armed with a gun, went to the back sliding glass door to get inside.

The break-in was caught on the family’s video surveillance system, which was shared with local media...

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Massive Pro Gun Bill Passes Georgia House of Representatives

The Right To Bare Arms

HB 875, a pro-gun bill that greatly expands and clarified carry rights in Georgia has passed the Georgia State House of Representatives today. The bill passed the House 119-56.

In its current form, the bill (HB 875, also called the “Safe Carry Protection Act”) would allow carry permit holders to carry into places of worship, bars, some government buildings, and removes the requirement to pay for fingerprints again when renewing a permit...

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Allen West Calls Out Obama: ‘Backdoor Gun Control Is Moving Forward’


Come 2014, all ammunition sold to civilian gun-owners in America will have to be imported, a result of President Obama’s crackdown on sulfur dioxide and lead emissions and accompanying harsh Environmental Protection Agency regulations, said former Florida congressman, Lt. Col. Allen West.

And for defenders of the Second Amendment, that means higher ammo prices are likely on the way — a situation Mr. Allen writes on his blog, AllenBWest.com, is akin to a federal power-grab on guns, albeit through the backdoor...

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Pennsylvania Ousts Mayor For Joining Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group


CHAMBERSBURG - Know your constituency. It's the first rule of local politics.

The second: What happens in New York City usually can only happen in New York City, and is best kept there.
Policies that fit “The Big Apple” don't fit a town that is, say, known statewide for its Apple Festival. Just ask Democrat Pete Lagiovane, the mayor of this Franklin County town who won't return to office in January. He lost his bid for re-election — to a seat he won unopposed the last time — in part because he signed up Chambersburg as one of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun cities.

His Republican opponent, Darren Brown, said he knows one thing he'll do immediately after being sworn in as mayor: “The very, very first thing I'd like to do is get Chambersburg off the ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns' list.”...

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