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7 Wonders of the World: Policy Mistakes by Obama

President Obama went into office with minimal foreign policy experience. He then attempted to change the face of American foreign policy abroad by taking a different approach. Unfortunately, the results of the President’s hands-off approach are now showing up in recent events around Eurasia and the Middle East. Beyond the very real threat ISIS poses to the U.S., our allies ... Read More »

State Department Ignored Warnings of Iranian Efforts to Destabilize Iraq

State Department counterterrorism officials warned in late April that Iran had “trained, funded, and provided guidance” to ethnic Iraqi terror groups bent on destabilizing the country. The April warning appears to directly contradict and undermine comments last week by a State Department spokeswoman claiming that the United States and Iran have a “shared interest.”… Click here to view original web ... Read More »

Iraq Declares State of Emergency After Militants Seize Third-Largest City

Heavily-armed, Al-Qaeda-affiliated militants have seized the Iraqi city of Mosul, driving back government forces. Officials say the Iraqi Army’s soldiers are demoralized and are no match for the attacking militant forces. “The city of Mosul is outside the control of the state and at the mercy of the militants,” an Interior Ministry official told AFP on Monday. It is now the ... Read More »

Cab Driver Kicked U.S. Soldier Out Of The Car

A Nashville, Tenn., man claims he was kicked out of a cab over the weekend after the driver found out that he is a U.S. soldier.

Allen Pendley has been a member of the U.S. Army National Guard for the past six years; he’s also a full-time student. When he took a bus trip from Clarksville to Nashville after a weekend of military training, he began looking for a cab ride home on Sunday...

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Obama is Bush 2.0, but it’s no upgrade

If life were a movie, Barack Obama would look into the mirror and see George W. Bush. He would rub the mirror and Bush would still be there, giving him that galling smirk. Obama, no fool he, would quickly understand: Here he is, like the predecessor he so (rightly) loathed, metaphorically trudging the vast Arabian desert, searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction. Only history can decide if this movie is a comedy or a tragedy...

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Is Assad hiding his chemical weapons outside Syria?

Syrian president Bashar Assad is hiding his chemical weapons outside the country to prevent the deadly arsenal being destroyed, a rebel leader has claimed.

The dictator has been accused of moving his stockpiles across the border to Lebanon and Iraq to evade a possible inspection.

His forces were said to have acted after the US and Russia agreed to secure and eliminate the weapons – a deal hailed by Assad’s regime as a ‘victory’...

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