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Kent State prof still on job despite FBI investigation over ISIS ties

A Kent State University professor is still on the job despite being under investigation by the FBI for possible ties to ISIS. Julio Pino, a history professor, is accused of possibly trying to recruit students to join ISIS, but because no charges have yet been filed, he is still teaching, with Ohio’s taxpayers chipping in for his salary. CampusReform.org reports ... Read More »

Did Someone Say Beheadings?

BY KATRINA JORGENSEN On October 3rd, the Islamic State published another graphic beating for the world to see. Alan Henning, a British humanitarian aid provider was murdered. The decapitation video was meant as a message to President Barack Obama, who they blamed for the deaths. In the same video, the executioner threatened the life of captured American aid worker and ... Read More »

A Win for ISIS in Oklahoma

The American opinion on the situation in Middle East changed almost instantly after the organization calling itself the Islamic State (IS) released their execution video of James Foley. The graphic beheadings continued, with another American, Steven Sotloff, and Frenchmen Herve Gourdel, killed by the Algerian terrorist group Jund al-Khilafah. Then, only a few days ago, IS, formerly called ISIS, openly ... Read More »

7 Wonders of the World: Policy Mistakes by Obama

President Obama went into office with minimal foreign policy experience. He then attempted to change the face of American foreign policy abroad by taking a different approach. Unfortunately, the results of the President’s hands-off approach are now showing up in recent events around Eurasia and the Middle East. Beyond the very real threat ISIS poses to the U.S., our allies ... Read More »