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Garbage Pail Kids take on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

If you grew up in the 1980s, you likely remember Garbage Pail Kids stickers. The parody product from the Topps Company were popular for their gross-out characters, and continue to be popular to this day, with new stickers being issued every year. It shouldn’t be surprising that Garbage Pail Kids are now doing politically-themed stickers, especially since featuring detestable individuals ... Read More »

Donald Trump gets trolled by Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush in same week

Donald Trump hasn’t had a great month. His recent debate performance was only so-so, his comments about censoring the internet weren’t well received, and he’s slipped into second place in Iowa polls behind Ted Cruz. To counter the Cruz surge, he went on the attack and it totally backfired. We have all seen Cruz’s response when Trump called him a ... Read More »

Singer Pitbull counts two GOP Presidential candidates as friends

Grammy-nominated singer Pitbull made headlines recently with his criticism of Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant statements, but that doesn’t mean he hates all Republicans. In fact, you might be surprised to learn he is friendly with a couple of GOP Presidential candidates, and calls his friendship with them “priceless.” The Miami-born Pitbull has managed to connect with some notable fellow Floridians, including ... Read More »

Thanks For Nothing Donald: Dems use Trump’s 9/11 remarks to bash GOP

There’s a reason Ronald Reagan once said that Republicans should never speak ill of another Republican: it needlessly gives Democrats an opening to attack. Donald Trump, however, doesn’t seem to subscribe to the Reagan philosophy. Trump’s comments blaming President George W. Bush (in part) for the 9/11 attacks has opened the floodgates for Democrats to do the exact same thing, ... Read More »

The Washington Post’s Top 10 GOP candidates has a new #1

Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post has been ranking the top ten Republican Presidential candidates on an occasional basis, and his latest ranking has a surprising #1: Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Despite the rise of outsiders like Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, as well as the dominance of front-runner Donald Trump, Cillizza sees Rubio as the top contender, for several ... Read More »

Donald Trump is furious over Jeb Bush’s attack ad (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is not happy with Jeb Bush right now, which really isn’t news. He’s been upset with Jeb for years for opposing gambling, which affected his business ventures. Now, Trump is furious over a new attack ad posted online in which the Bush campaign uses Trump’s own words to highlight his flip-flopping on issues. The video, entitled “The Real ... Read More »

GOP Debate: Donald Trump had twice the talk time as Rand Paul

Domenico Montanaro of National Public Radio has revealed via Twitter which Presidential candidates had the most face-time at last night’s GOP Presidential debate. Donald Trump, not surprisingly, ran away with the top spot, with ten and a half minutes of screen time. Rand Paul didn’t even get half of that time, clocking in with under five minutes of screen time. ... Read More »

Winners and Losers: The First GOP Presidential Debate

With the first primetime GOP Presidential debate now in the books, here’s a quick analysis of how each candidate did. This applies to the primetime debate only, with the top ten candidates. We want your feedback as well, so feel free to comment below. WINNERS (in alphabetical order) Jeb Bush: Bush had a lot to lose if he stumbled, but ... Read More »

Barbara Bush Complies With Late Vet’s Wish To Cancel Her New York Times Subscription

Former First Lady Barbara Bush is honoring a late veteran’s wish, by canceling her subscription to the New York Times.

Leonard Smith, 86, was a  veteran of both World II and the Korean War who was born and raised in New York and apparently wasn’t a fan of the paper, according to his obituary:

Leonard Smith hated pointless bureaucracy, thoughtless inefficiency and bad ideas born of good intentions...

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