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ICYMI: Obama faces America’s ‘mean tweets’

Yes, this is a couple of months old, but it is too good to ignore it. I post it here for future reference and enjoyment. President Barack Obama has already proven he has a pretty thin skin. When the leader of the free world spends most his time complaining that he doesn’t get enough credit or that Fox News doesn’t ... Read More »

Kimmel Mocks The Disastrous Health Care Law: Obama’s Visit ‘Turned LA Into the Traffic Equivalent of ObamaCare’

As NewsBusters has been reporting for almost two months, the disastrous rollout of Barack Obama's signature piece of legislation has made him the butt of late night jokes.

On ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday, the host repeatedly mocked the President's fundraising trip to California saying, "He basically turned the westside of Los Angeles into the traffic equivalent of the ObamaCare website" (video follows with transcript and commentary):...

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