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Talking Bernie Sanders on The Kevin Jackson Radio Show

During his appearance on the Kevin Jackson Radio Show last week (February 11), Political Illusions Exposed editor Victor Medina discussed the appeal of Bernie Sanders with millennials, which he credits to their nostalgia of having a grandpa who likes to shower the grand-kids with “goodies and free stuff.” You can hear the entire segment below: Read More »

Kevin Jackson discusses Al Gore’s failed climate change concert in Paris

On Thursday’s edition of the Kevin Jackson Radio Show (11/19/2015), Kevin discussed Al Gore’s climate change concert debacle with Political Illusions Exposed editor Victor Medina. In case you missed it, Gore’s “24 Hours of Reality” climate change benefit concert in Paris was canceled last Friday after the reality of the terrorist attacks took hold of the city. You can read ... Read More »

Kevin Jackson on Fox News: All lives matter

While speaking at the Netroots Nation conference (a liberal group of entitled complainers, keep that in mind), Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley was booed and widely criticized by answering protesters chanting “Black Lives Matter” with the response, “Black lives matter, white lives matter, ALL lives matter.” That didn’t go over very well with the liberal PC crowd, who think social ... Read More »

Kevin Jackson: Here’s more ‘white’ stuff to ban

Kevin Jackson of TheBlackSphere.net has perfectly pointed out the absurdity of the politically correct outcry after the Charleston church shooting. Playing off the calls to ban the Confederate Flag, Jackson has posted a hilarious list of more “white stuff” for banning consideration because their “whiteness” will likely offend someone. They include: The White Crayon White Paper White T shirts Flour-¬†Especially ... Read More »

Hands Up, Don’t Teach: Court tosses out exam students can’t pass

A New York court has tossed out an exam used in a classroom, not because the test was faulty, but because minority students couldn’t pass it. Kevin Jackson of TheBlackSphere.net appeared on Fox & Friends Monday to discuss the situation, which is a sad reflection on the state of our education system. If you can’t pass a test, we’ll just ... Read More »