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Oil and the Vote

 How Gas Prices, the Value of the Dollar and Midterm Elections are Related     When you drive over to the polling place today, be sure to fill up your tank on the way home. Because if you didn’t notice, gas prices are pretty low. But after years of rising costs why is oil suddenly so cheap? Prices are down, ... Read More »

Obama Protecting Dems By Delaying Individual Mandate Until After Midterms

By delaying the individual mandate by a year, President Obama will keep millions in the dark, thus preventing those millions from switching from Democrat to Republican for next year's congressional midterm elections.

Keeping as many voters as possible as ignorant as possible for as long as possible (at least until after the midterms) is the only strategy Obama, Valerie Jarrett and congressional Democrats can employ that takes care of their No. 1 priority: saving their political hides.

Cynical? Yes. Dishonest? Of course. Going to happen? You bet...

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