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Best Tweets from the 2014 Midterms

Tuesday night was full of emotions, and if you were hanging out on social media during the election you got to experience the full array of them. Here are some of our favorite tweets, Facebook posts and other social media updates from the election: the good, the bad, and the so-ugly-you-probably-didn’t-have-a-job-Wednesday. Joy and despair, taunts and mega meltdowns… PIE is ... Read More »

Questions about 2014 Elections You Were Afraid to Ask

If you ever go on Facebook, you probably caught that early voting began yesterday for many states. Here at PIE, we want you to express your voice in the elections. If you aren’t sure when or why to vote, this article should give you the information to put you on the right path. We’ve pulled from some of the most ... Read More »

The White House & Alphabet Soup Politics

X, Y, Z… its apparently all the same to the White House and the Council of Economic Advisers. Last week, they tried to reach out to Millennial voters with an email making references that would appeal to Gen Xers and an infographic that would be insulting to most 6th graders in Generation Z. We all know, if Democrats could persuade ... Read More »

Top Ten Issues Millennials Care About in 2014 Elections

In order from least important to most important, these are the issues that Millennials care about in 2014, based on Pew Research and Gallup polls. Note that the 18-34 age group makes up about 25% of the population—but a population that has admitted they probably won’t be turning out for the midterm elections. But if they did, here’s what would ... Read More »