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Bomani Jones’ ‘Caucasians’ shirt makes a conservative point

ESPN commentator Bomani Jones sparked controversy (depending on who you ask) Thursday when he wore a t-shirt on the “Mike and Mike” show mocking the Cleveland Indians and their mascot, Chief Wahoo. The shirt featured the word “Caucasians” in the same font and style as the Indians logo, with Chief Wahoo given white skin, blond hair, and a dollar sign ... Read More »

Native American artist depicts Scott Walker beheading (GRAPHIC)

In yet another example of liberal tolerance, a left-wing Native American artist has created a painting featuring the beheading of Wisconsin Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Scott Walker. The painting, by Jodi Webster, depicts a young girl from the Anishinaabe Indian tribe wearing a traditional “jingle” dress and holding a knife with the head of Gov. Walker in her hand: ... Read More »