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Anti-Marco Rubio Facebook group founder backs white supremacists and Donald Trump

The founder of an anti-Marco Rubio Facebook group openly supports the white nationalist/white pride movement, while at the same time voicing support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Frank Jorge, who refers to Rubio as “the little Cuban boy,” is the founder and administrator of “Marco Rubio: Amnesty Traitor,” a public Facebook group boasting 228 members. While it appears most members ... Read More »

Marxism, Forever

The purpose of that tweet, if one must locate a purpose in a one-liner, was simple. Why, after the real-world manifestations of Marxism in the 20th century had led to (by some estimates) 60 million deaths, would it still be considered a positive thing to be described as a “Marxist”? No one on earth wishes to be described as a Nazi, because of the murderousness of that real-world political philosophy; why would this not be the same with Marxism?...

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