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Which Network Will Win the Battle for Sharyl Attkisson?

Media and particularly cable news has never been as polarized as it is today. It’s also never been tilted more towards opinion and less toward objective reporting of hard news.

As a result, trust in media has fallen to an all-time low. Reporters in particular are looked upon as dishonest brokers in the business, with Gallup showing only 20 percent of those polled finding journalists honest and ethical (that’s 65 percent lower than nurses, 50 percent lower than doctors and engineers). Solid investigative reporters are simply in short supply and demand. Why? Because with opinion programming so much cheaper to produce and given the huge ratings that oftentimes go along with it (Fox’s The Five is a Top-3 program in the 25-54 demo, for example), why even bother too much with the more expensive, resource-draining hard stuff?

Which brings us to the prospects of Sharyl Attkissonformerly of CBS News as of last month. As you’ve likely heard by now, she recently quit the network due to a significant drop in air time, which she says was because the network was being submissive to the Obama Administration.

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