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No Country for Young Girls: Obama deports a 4-year-old U.S. citizen

Remember that ’80s movie Born in East L.A? It starred Cheech Marin (I guess Chong was unavailable to join him) and it was about an American-born Latino who gets deported to Mexico when he is mistaken for an illegal alien. It wasn’t the funniest movie, but it had a funny premise. Amazingly, the plot of that movie actually happened recently ... Read More »

ICYMI: Obama faces America’s ‘mean tweets’

Yes, this is a couple of months old, but it is too good to ignore it. I post it here for future reference and enjoyment. President Barack Obama has already proven he has a pretty thin skin. When the leader of the free world spends most his time complaining that he doesn’t get enough credit or that Fox News doesn’t ... Read More »

No, Google Maps isn’t racist against Obama

Hey kids, look! Racism! That about sums up the latest example of “faux outrage” from the media, when news broke that searching Google Maps using racist phrases like “ni**er house” and “ni**er king” would bring up the White House. Yes, that’s messed up, but the response here is much ado about nothing. Do we seriously have to explain that this ... Read More »

The White House & Alphabet Soup Politics

X, Y, Z… its apparently all the same to the White House and the Council of Economic Advisers. Last week, they tried to reach out to Millennial voters with an email making references that would appeal to Gen Xers and an infographic that would be insulting to most 6th graders in Generation Z. We all know, if Democrats could persuade ... Read More »

WTH is a “partial BIRTH”?!

WTH is a “partial BIRTH”?!

PUPPY IN A BLENDER!!! Now hear me out. The phrase is absolutely horrifying because we have never, ever, ever, used those words in the same sentence, nor want to see, or hear, them again. But I just shocked the h*ll out of you, did I not? I just proved the fact to you, in a harmless little “thought experiment” in ... Read More »

Did Someone Say Beheadings?

BY KATRINA JORGENSEN On October 3rd, the Islamic State published another graphic beating for the world to see. Alan Henning, a British humanitarian aid provider was murdered. The decapitation video was meant as a message to President Barack Obama, who they blamed for the deaths. In the same video, the executioner threatened the life of captured American aid worker and ... Read More »

7 Wonders of the World: Policy Mistakes by Obama

President Obama went into office with minimal foreign policy experience. He then attempted to change the face of American foreign policy abroad by taking a different approach. Unfortunately, the results of the President’s hands-off approach are now showing up in recent events around Eurasia and the Middle East. Beyond the very real threat ISIS poses to the U.S., our allies ... Read More »

The Broken Dream of Home Ownership

  It’s true that you can’t blame the President for the housing crisis, or the recession as a whole. He wasn’t in charge when those things happened. But the promises of President Obama to his youngest voters about fixing the economy are ringing empty 6 years later. Millennials still can’t afford a mortgage and feel miles behind where their Baby ... Read More »

I’m offended VICARIOUSLY!!!

I’m offended VICARIOUSLY!!!

happy whatev Are the Native Americans offended at the name Redskins? Liberals say, “No matter, let’s get offended FOR them!” Seriously, do we not have more important issues in our country like our diaphanous borders, or the 46 million “Americans”(I use the term loosely) on food stamps, than to […] Click here to view original web page at unhyphenatedamerica.org Read More »

Voting With our “Loins”

Voting With our “Loins”

Personally I don’t think same-sex marriage is any of the federal government’s d*mn business! Let the states decide, allow insurance companies to sell in ALL states and then let the free market DO ITS THING! Gee, if the free-market “does its thing” I wonder what the RATES might be for those who live in a “same-sex” state. Just sayin’. Click ... Read More »