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Kathleen Sebelius Admits: ‘I Sure Made Some Mistakes’ on Obamacare

On Friday, former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius traveled to Aspen, Colorado where she sat down for an hour-long conversation about her career — with a major focus on the Affordable Care Act — with Aspen Institute CEO Walter Isaacson as part of the Aspen Ideas Festival. During her answer to an audience member’s question about leadership, Sebelius admitted that she “made ... Read More »

California Couple Receives Pre-Filled ‘Democrat’ Voter Registration Card From State Obamacare Site

With the liberal media doing its best to promote ObamaCare and hide the numerous problems associated with the healthcare law, here’s another bad ObamaCare story that likely won’t receive the attention it deserves.

According to ABC News 10 in California, a California couple “received an envelope from the state's Obamacare website, Covered California. Inside was a letter discussing voter registration and a registration card pre-marked with an "x" in the box next to Democratic Party.” [Click here to see video.]


The couple refused to reveal their identity but the article noted that “They have lived in La Mesa for years and they have always been registered to vote Republican. Now, they are perplexed as to how the voter registration card pre-marked Democrat ended in their mailbox.” The article continued by describing the problems Covered California has had with their voter registration program:


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Scores of White House visits and Sebelius never mentioned ObamaCare troubles?

You’ll remember the $640-million government healthcare website had three years for design and testing and still managed to be a complete bust on opening day -- and for weeks after.

In an interview with CNN late last October, Sebelius said it was “a couple of days” after Oct. 1 before the president of the United States with his finger on nuclear war became aware of the healthcare site’s disastrous problems. Because, why, his TV was broken?

The skeptical reporter said, Really? The president didn’t know about this debacle? “No, sir,” asserted Sebelius, who apparently had no time to ring up her boss and mention the disaster...

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HHS Refuses To Comply With Issa’s Subpeona Citing Not Trusting Him As The Reason…

The latest middle finger from an increasinglylawlessanddesperateadministration. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm fairly confident that "we don't think much of you" is anacceptable reasonto ignore a Congressional subpoena:

 The Health and Human Services Department told House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa that it won’t turn over documents related to the security of the Healthcare.gov website because it can’t trust him to keep secret information that could give hackers a roadmap to wreak havoc on the system...

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