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May The Faux Outrage Be With You: Dad offended over Star Wars toy

Most people would applaud parents who make the effort to protect their children from the inappropriate content that makes up most of today’s entertainment. However, one Philadelphia father doesn’t seem to know when to pick his battles. Fred Hill was shopping at a Target Store in the Philadelphia area when he came across a toy he considered shocking: a Star ... Read More »

America the Offended

If I'm going to succeed in this new America, I need to learn how to be offended. It’s not that I haven’t tried, but I sadly have neither pearls to clutch nor a fainting couch to collapse upon.The past few days have provided a crash course in the new Politics of Offense: Piers Morgan offended transgendered activists by saying that a woman who used to be a man used to be a man. Jerry Seinfeld offended a Gawker writer by saying he's less concerned about a comedian's race than...

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