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Obama’s PAC launches gun control social media campaign

There are several reasons why Republicans and conservatives in general are losing the culture war, but none are as glaring as the ability of the liberal left to quickly utilize social media to support a movement. The recent Orlando nightclub shooting is a prime example. After the Orlando shooting, Republicans had the right talking points; namely, Muslim extremism inspired the ... Read More »

Bait & Switch: Obama birthday card was just a fundraising tactic

If you’re on the mailing list for Organizing for Action (OFA), you likely received several requests recently to sign a digital birthday card for President Obama’s 54th birthday yesterday. First Lady Michelle Obama and celebrities Kerry Washington and Kal Penn each sent out separate email requests pleading with you to sign the online card and wish the President a happy ... Read More »

Lois Lerner 2013 e-mail: Maybe I can land an office job at Organizing For Action…

Organizing For Action is, of course, the group founded by Team Obama in 2009 after he was sworn in to push his agenda while in office. It’s the successor to Obama For America, his 2008 campaign outfit. The first OFA got him elected, the second OFA is supposed to help get his policies through Congress.

Here’s who was running the scrupulously impartial IRS Exempt Organizations Division that targeted dozens of tea-party nonprofits for extra scrutiny...

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