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Raggedy Ali? Palestinians give their children terrorist dolls

Meet the West Bank version of the Cabbage Patch Kid. The Times of Israel reported that thousands of stuffed toy dolls made to look like rock-throwing Arab protesters were seized by the Israeli government Tuesday (December 8) in a shipment of contraband goods found in the port city of Haifa. Israeli officials report the dolls were on their way to ... Read More »

John Kerry is Asking Israel To Do The Unthinkable

The fact is the United States would never consider such a request for a minute, no matter the diplomatic gains to be garnered from that sort of concession elsewhere in the globe. The American position is, as the Obama administration likes to put it, that anyone who attacks U.S. citizens will be chased down to the ends of the earth and either be snuffed by a drone attack that has the personal approval of the commander in chief or be locked away for good if they are captured.

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