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Scott Walker considers border wall to keep out crusty Canadians

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is backtracking on the idea he recently floated about building a wall on the U.S. border with Canada. Thank goodness Walker finally remembered which border was north and which was south. Walker seems to have fallen into a game of one-upmanship with Donald Trump, hoping to jump on the immigration bandwagon without appearing to mimic Trump. ... Read More »

Native American artist depicts Scott Walker beheading (GRAPHIC)

In yet another example of liberal tolerance, a left-wing Native American artist has created a painting featuring the beheading of Wisconsin Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Scott Walker. The painting, by Jodi Webster, depicts a young girl from the Anishinaabe Indian tribe wearing a traditional “jingle” dress and holding a knife with the head of Gov. Walker in her hand: ... Read More »

GOP Debate: Donald Trump had twice the talk time as Rand Paul

Domenico Montanaro of National Public Radio has revealed via Twitter which Presidential candidates had the most face-time at last night’s GOP Presidential debate. Donald Trump, not surprisingly, ran away with the top spot, with ten and a half minutes of screen time. Rand Paul didn’t even get half of that time, clocking in with under five minutes of screen time. ... Read More »

Winners and Losers: The First GOP Presidential Debate

With the first primetime GOP Presidential debate now in the books, here’s a quick analysis of how each candidate did. This applies to the primetime debate only, with the top ten candidates. We want your feedback as well, so feel free to comment below. WINNERS (in alphabetical order) Jeb Bush: Bush had a lot to lose if he stumbled, but ... Read More »

Powerline: Donald Trump’s attacks on Scott Walker prove he’s no Republican

In a new column for PowerlineBlog, John Hinderaker takes Donald Trump to task for his recent attacks on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s record, saying they prove the billionaire is neither Republican or conservative. It’s not unusual for presidential candidates from the same party to call each other out, but Hinderaker says Trump’s arguments come straight out of the Democratic Party’s ... Read More »

Scott Walker is the next target of the MSM knockout game

Having successfully demonized Chris Christie over the closure of traffic lanes on a bridge, the leftist mainstream media are now targeting Scott Walker, another very promising potential GOP candidate for president.  All of this in the context media downplaying and outright ignoring revelations of lies under oath in a scandal that cost four American lives including an ambassador that reflects badly on Hillary Clinton...

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