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Obama’s Secret Service kicks kids with cancer out of DC park

When President Obama has to speak to the Congressional Black Caucus, nothing gets in his way. Not even kids with cancer. CureFest, an annual event to raise money and awareness for a cure for childhood cancer, was held this past weekend in Washington, D.C. According to the Washington Post, CureFest held a vigil Saturday night at Layfayette Square, the park ... Read More »

If You Are on the Right, 1st and 4th Amendments Don’t Apply

In August, 2012 uniformed county police officers showed up at Brandon Raub’s front door. They introduced Raub to several unidentified agents of the Secret Service and FBI who spoke with him concerning his anti-government Facebook posts. A few minutes later, according to the August, 2013 complaint, one of the federal agents telephoned a Chesterfield County licensed psychotherapist to discuss the situation. The therapist, without observing, meeting or evaluating Raub, recommended that he be taken into custody. Raub was subsequently handcuffed, arrested and medically cleared before being driven to a psych hospital over a hundred miles away from his home...

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