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Mother’s heartbreaking plea to America’s rebellious kids

No mother should have to lose a child, but that is exactly what¬†Kenisha Martin-Nelson is going through now. And she has a powerful message directed at “rebellious children” who disobey and lie to their parents. Nelson’s daughter, Kaylan Ward, was killed near Interstate 10 in New Orleans, after running away and lying to her family about where she was. She ... Read More »

Mandela memorial selfie: If President Obama acts like this, don’t blame teenagers

Are you a Fomo sapiens? Judging by his behaviour at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, Barack Obama is a member of this new sub-species. So is our own Prime Minister, who should know better. The “Fomo” stands for Fear of Missing Out, a defining characteristic of a generation with itchy thumbs and short attention spans.

Fomo sapiens cannot leave its phones, tablets or laptops alone, no matter how inappropriate the occasion. Checking your texts or updating your Facebook status during a funeral, for instance, or taking a happy-snap of yourself with a couple of mates during a memorial service...

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