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Government health-care diagnosis: Dependency

The claim: The United States is the richest nation in the world, and as a matter of decency should pay for the health care of all Americans who can’t afford to pay for their own.

The truth: The United States is not the richest nation in the world; we are the richest debtor nation in the world. We literally owe trillions of dollars — not just in the national debt, but also in unfunded liabilities for various entitlements.

The problem: The United States doesn’t really pay for anyone’s health care with its own cash supply, but rather requisitions money from individual taxpayers and appropriates it to someone else’s medical bill.

The solution: An educated populace. As Thomas Jefferson noted, education gives “to every citizen the information he needs for the transaction of his own business.” In this case, such education would help citizens to understand that their business — their personal needs — cannot rightly be  advanced at the expense of some other citizen’s life, liberty or property...

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Pope Francis, Thomas Jefferson, and Capitalism

The Pope is singling out a behavior that values anything beyond the spiritual love that we are all to have for one another. He is addressing the concern about poverty, the concern about wealth, the concern about selfishness and greed.

He is not saying that one form of government is better than another. He is not talking about any form of economic structure at all. He is merely singling out how you use the gifts Christ has given you, regardless of the system. For Catholics, putting anything ahead of our spiritual faith is the concern to the Pope. The Pope's entire focus relates to our spiritual journey to eternal salvation and that the things of this world matter not.

The Pope is not running for president. He is the leader of the Catholic Church and is doing precisely for his followers what he should be commanding us to do...

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