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See the difference when TMZ talks to Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton

This happened some time back, but given Hillary Clinton’s recent attempts to “remake” herself, we should remind ourselves why she has to do so: because she is a cold, insufferable old hag that doesn’t like having to talk to riff-raff like us common folk. And she surely doesn’t want to talk to TMZ about her emails or anything else, for ... Read More »

Did comedian Ron White just slam Donald Trump? (VIDEO)

¬†Comedian Ron White, famous as a member of the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour,” was interviewed by TMZ recently, and was asked to weigh in on the recent GOP debates. At first, he declined, but then joked that Kim Kardashian should run for President. He then seemed to take a swipe at Donald Trump, when he seemingly referenced Trump’s recent controversial ... Read More »

Ariana Grande ‘I hate America’ comment sparks blacklash

Here we go again: another spoiled millionaire hates America. This time, it’s bite-sized singer Ariana Grande, who was caught on tape saying “I hate Americans. I hate America,” while in a donut shop. The video of the incident (posted below) was published on Tuesday by gossip site TMZ.com, who initially seemed more concerned that Grande was licking the donuts meant ... Read More »