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Does Donald Trump have fake Latinos tweeting for him?

Donald Trump has long maintained that Latinos just love him. He uses anecdotal polls to support this, but evidence has emerged that he may be employing more devious methods to make it appear as if he’s “Vato Donald” to the Latino community. Forbes.com reports on what Twitter user Niraj Warikoo discovered after the Houston GOP debate: Right after midnight, a ... Read More »

“Abuela Hillary Clinton” is back, tweeting in Spanish!

In the days leading up to the Nevada caucuses, Hillary Clinton resorted to her old ways. Not deleting emails or whipping up a Southern accent, mind you, but the former Secretary of State is back to channeling her inner elderly Latina. Earlier this year, we bore witness to the “Hillary Clinton is Like Your Abuela” social media promotion, in which ... Read More »

Dang, Girl! Ann Coulter mocks Rubio’s dead father

There are many in the conservative movement who feel Ann Coulter has worn out her welcome, after she has made some distinctly anti-conservative statements for mere publicity. Her latest stunt, however, sets a new low even for her. Over the weekend, Coulter was doing some grandstanding on Twitter over Donald Trump’s recent South Carolina primary win. Coulter has long voiced ... Read More »

Admitted molester, Clinton supporter Lena Dunham blasts Bill Cosby over rape arrest

Actress and media darling Lena Dunham has waded into the cesspool surrounding Bill Cosby, criticizing him on Twitter for his recent arrest for sexual assault. While Cosby certainly deserves to be vilified for what he’s admitted to already, Dunham’s hypocrisy on the issue is difficult to overlook. First, let’s look at what Dunham said: While Dunham’s tweets about Cosby were ... Read More »

Rand Paul’s ‘Festivus’ Twitter rant targets Trump, federal waste

Rand Paul spent most of Wednesday marking Festivus, the unofficial and unconventional holiday popularized by the classic sitcom “Seinfeld.” In keeping with the tradition of Festivus, Paul tweeted out his “airing of grievances,” many of which took aim at Paul’s favorite target: his fellow Republicans. Paul first took aim at Donald Trump, with a rather hilarious slam aimed at his ... Read More »

EPIC FAIL: Hillary Clinton jumps on the ‘Star Wars’ bandwagon

Once again, Hillary Clinton is trying way too hard to look hip and relevant to the younger voters she thinks will propel her to the White House. Grandma Hill has never been the personable type; there are plenty of anecdotes describing just how difficult and condescending she is with others. Her stump speeches are heavily scripted and given a shrill, ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton’s tweet is accidentally obscene, and hilarious (NSFW)

Note: Some may find the following material inappropriate for work or offensive. Hillary Clinton must have the worst political luck ever. She can’t even retweet without raising eyebrows. Artist Ian Padgham noticed something in one of Hillary Clinton’s recent retweets, and tweeted a screenshot of it: This is not Photoshop – this is how Twitter abbreviated the title of an ... Read More »

Liberals are furious over ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell’s tweet

You know America’s politically-correct “outrage culture” has gotten out of hand when even a superhero cannot overcome it. On Wednesday, Stephen Amell, who plays DC Comics superhero The Arrow/Oliver Queen on the hit WB show “Arrow,” weighed in on the “Clock Boy” controversy, but not in the way people expected. Rather than expressing direct outrage over the treatment of Ahmed ... Read More »

Donald Trump retweets Megyn Kelly “bimbo” comment

Donald Trump unleashed hell on Twitter after his performance in the first Republican Presidential Debate. The main target of his wrath of debate moderator Megyn Kelly of Fox News, who repeatedly challenged the businessman over his past controversial comments and political stances. His most controversial slam, however, came when he passively-aggressively retweeted someone’s comment that Megyn Kelly was a “bimbo.” ... Read More »