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Did Doritos air a pro-life Super Bowl ad? See for yourself!

During tonight’s airing of the Super Bowl, Doritos aired several ads as part of their “Crash the Super Bowl” promotion, including a commercial showing an unborn baby visible through ultrasound who has a hankering for the popular chips. The baby, seen interacting with its father via the ultrasound screen, then “shoots” out of its mother to get a Doritos chip. ... Read More »

Planned Parenthood opposes ultrasounds, except to save baby parts to sell

Planned Parenthood has a long history of opposing ultrasounds for expectant mothers considering abortion, but in a recent undercover video, the organization’s top doctor admits to using ultrasounds during abortions in order to preserve the organs of unborn children, in order to sell them to medical research firms afterward. The use of ultrasounds before an abortion is performed has become ... Read More »