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Is she crazy? Why is Kristen Bell defending Planned Parenthood?

It appears Kristen Bell likes her baby parts bloody and uncrushed. Why else would she go out of her way to defend Planned Parenthood in the wake of videos showing the sale of body parts from babies aborted in their clinics? The 35-year-old actress and mother of two girls (one less than a year old) recorded a YouTube video in ... Read More »

While everyone focuses on Cecil the Lion, this horrible thing took place

It’s a chilling fact: since July 1, when Cecil the Lion was shot and killed by a hunter, Planned Parenthood has been on a horrific killing spree. The numbers come from Planned Parenthood’s own statistics, reported by the American Life League. Planned Parenthood performs an average of 327,653 abortions each year (based on 2013 stats). That’s an average of 898 ... Read More »

Does your local United Way donate to Planned Parenthood? Find out here!

2nd Vote, a conservative political activist group, has exposed 68 local chapters of the United Way that donate money to Planned Parenthood. The list, posted below, reveals locations across the country that contributed over $2.8 million in recent years to the nation’s largest abortion provider. Pro-life supporters are calling for citizens in each locale to contact the United Way chapter ... Read More »

New Planned Parenthood video is the worst one yet (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

The Center for Medical Progress released a third video Tuesday morning exposing Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of body parts from aborted babies, and features graphic footage of an aborted baby being “pieced out” in a petri dish. The new video is the first of a new documentary series entitled “Human Capital,” and integrates expert interviews, eyewitness accounts, and real-life undercover interactions ... Read More »

Planned Parenthood opposes ultrasounds, except to save baby parts to sell

Planned Parenthood has a long history of opposing ultrasounds for expectant mothers considering abortion, but in a recent undercover video, the organization’s top doctor admits to using ultrasounds during abortions in order to preserve the organs of unborn children, in order to sell them to medical research firms afterward. The use of ultrasounds before an abortion is performed has become ... Read More »

Planned Parenthood official caught on video selling aborted baby parts

What in God’s name has happened to us, people? The level of depravity I’m about to report on is usually reserved for bad horror films, not an organization many liberals herald as a bastion of reproductive freedom. It is beyond disgusting. An undercover investigation by The Center for Medical Progress has exposed a disturbing practice by Planned Parenthood: the illegal ... Read More »